Speaker Jim Kreider

Missouri House of Representatives 1993 - 2003

Speaker 2001-2003

Jim Kreider was the first Democrat elected to the state House since 1904 from Christian County. The headlines the day following the election of 1992 was “Kreider Beats Unbeatable Foe”. Speaker Kreider’s opponent was the senior Republican member of the House, a 28 year incumbent. Christian County being 70% Republican made this an uphill battle. Kreider ran in 1986 and 1988 for Western Commissioner, each election became a little closer resulting in a 53% to 47% victory in 1992. The third time was the charm but hard work, determination, belief in Democratic values earned Speaker Kreider this victory. Kreider was elected 5 times to the House each time by increasing margins resulting in a 60% win in 2000. State term limits removed Speaker Kreider from office in 2002.

“WE CANNOT STAND FOR SUCH A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. The wealthy criminal class must be checked” Theodore Roosevelt